Israeli Startup Mayu Water Changes the Way People Drink Water

Leading the water revolution, Mayu Water is a swirling water system that mimics the natural water cycle – for creating and consuming spring quality water at home.

With the vision of producing clean and balanced water while eliminating all need for disposable, single-use plastics, Israeli startup Mayu Water has created a beautiful swirling water system that mimics the natural water movement. Mayu Water changes the way people drink water by disrupting the “filtration only” concept applied in most Point Of Use (POU) water systems and adding mineralization and aeration as second and third steps, respectively, in recreating the full natural water cycle.

Water is aerated through Mayu’s Swirl vortex, which brings water and air into close contact.. Aeration is essential to enhance and preserve the quality and freshness of water. Not only does it reduce the concentration of chlorine and volatile organic compounds and remove dissolved gases such as hydrogen sulfide, methane, and radon, but it also balances dissolved oxygen and raises the pH level, resulting in improved taste and odor. This also means improved hydration -it enables people to drink more water, while enjoying the process due to the high aesthetic value.

By increasing the contact between air and water, gas moves more freely in and out of the water, increasing the release of dissolved gases or volatile contaminants from the water. Mayu Water incorporates this vital process through its swirling motion that naturally aerates, detoxifies, and improves the taste and quality of almost any water – creating water that ’s wholesome, personal, and sustainable.

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About Mayu Water

Mayu Water is an Israel-based startup that offers a revolutionary swirling water system that mimics the natural water cycle in a three step process: purification, mineralization and aeration. Each step is good by itself, and the combination of the three ensures reliable high quality home-made drinking water, clean from toxins yet balanced and rich with essential minerals. Mayu Water is a beautiful way to keep healthy and inspire plastic-free living. Its mission is to produce healthy, high-quality, customized, mineral water on demand – all while eliminating the use of disposable, single-use plastics.

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