Ozinize Forwards Parcels Internationally!

Did you know that Amazon (US) has some great products and prices which are not available to international customers?!

Ozinzie.com can help internationally!.

You can order a product from our US based site www.ozinize.com. If your shipping address is outside of the United States of America, then place your order as normal and enter your ship to location. Our Customer Service department will contact you on the best way to get that product over to you. We do charge a $20 (US) special handling and processing fee.

We will inform you of the best shipping rate available with the carriers that we work with (DHL, UPS, USPS, FedEx). Once you choose your shipping option, we will have the package on its way to you. Most customers receive their package within a week depending on their country.

Amazon & Ebay US have great quality products at great prices – but most are available to only US based consumers.  Majority of Amazon products are not shipped internationally. If they are available on the local instance of their site, its usually not the same. But now you can get those coveted US based products conveniently delivered to your door! Use Ozinize.com to search for products in our local catalog. If you don’t find it there, reach out to us with a link of the product that you’re interested in. We will load that product it into our database. DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT ON AMAZON FIRST – YOU MUST BUY IT THROUGH OUR SHOPPING CART.

If you do not find the product of interest on our site, email us (sales@ozinize.com) the link to the Amazon product that your interested in. You can also DM us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ozinize) and we will respond promptly. We can also do this for products on eBay.com or other sites. We can also facilitate bulk orders.

These is available for only products that are legal in both the Unites States of America and the destination country. It is up to the customer to validate the legality of the product in their home countries.

All sales are final. We are a parcel forwarding service from US to International Destination. We do not warranty the quality or value of any purchases that you make on the Ozinize & Amazon site.  Shipping and Handling fees will not be refunded. Insurance can be purchased for an  additional fee.

For any questions regarding this service, please contact us via Facebook or send us an email to sales@ozinize.com or ozinize@gmail.com.

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