HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water Now Available at Walmart

NEW YORK– HFactor, hydrogen infused functional water, continues to grow distribution with Walmart fueling the recent growth surge. Walmart is bringing in the HFactor 11 oz. pouch of original water to over 1,500 stores across the country. HFactor products are now available at over 6,500 retailers nationwide.

“Walmart has been carving out shelf-space for functional beverages – it is an honor to be one of the brands selected, and truly amazing to see HFactor on the shelves of the largest retailer in the world,” said Gail Levy, founder and CEO of HFactor. “It was a dream to make HFactor hydrogen infused water, the first true functional water on the market, easily accessible to everyone, so Walmart is the perfect partner. We’re already seeing a wonderful response and exciting numbers coming in since the partnership launch.”

Decades of research (over 1,000 published studies from leading scientists) have evidenced the ability of hydrogen to enhance how our bodies feel, function and renew. We all know water already has hydrogen, as in H2O, but when those two hydrogen atoms are bound to oxygen, they are not available for any other interaction. However, when hydrogen gas is infused into water, active H2 molecules are free and accessible to our bodies. Small and soluble, molecular hydrogen can quickly circulate and speed straight into the power centers of our cells — which has been shown to increase athletic performance, reduce inflammation from exercise and deliver powerful antioxidants. HFactor has engineered a proprietary reverse osmosis technique for infusing the extra hydrogen without any intrusions or additives ensuring consistency and purity – providing the most perfect functional water there is.

The HFactor 11 oz. pouch of original water is now available at Walmart in the functional beverage set. Initially, HFactor will be available in 1,500 Walmart locations across the United States.

About HFactor

Founded in 2017, HFactor is the first functional water supercharged with the documented benefits of molecular hydrogen – which has been shown to increase athletic performance, reduce inflammation from exercise and deliver powerful antioxidants. Created by a team of top scientists and medical experts, HFactor is naturally infused with pure hydrogen to provide refreshing hydration plus therapeutic benefits for fitness, health and lifestyle recovery. It comes in a carry-anywhere (BPA free) pouch that optimizes the integrity and pureness of its hydrogen content. HFactor comes in original water as well as Watermelon, Blood Orange, Honeydew and Tart Cherry flavors. HFactor engineered a proprietary reverse osmosis filtering system (patent secured) that ensures the purity and taste of the water, delivering PURE hydrogen and PURE water. HFactor® water is sourced and packaged in the United States and is available online and in stores nationwide. For more information visit: HFactorWater.com

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