Youth ecigarettes use at record-high according to CDC | News

CENTRAL WISCONSIN (WAOW)– Youth e-cigarette use hasn’t decreased during the pandemic.

The CDC revealed a record-high number of e-cigarettes use among youth. Estimated more than 2 million U.S. Middle School and High School students admitted to vaping in their 2021 National Youth Tobacco Survey.

85% of those youth reported using flavored e-cigarettes with disposable e-cigarettes as the most popular device.

The nicotine Prevention Alliance of Central Wisconsin’s Laura Fischer said there are many methods tobacco companies use to draw youth in. She feels there’s a lot of work to do to curb their appetite towards it.

One of the more pivotal entices are the fun flavors. They range from cotton candy to mango, and some may be deceived into thinking they have health benefits. When in reality – there is none. Fischer says as they are searching for their favorite flavor, they are becoming more familiar with tobacco and before they may realize — they become addicted.

NAPCW wants youth to know that quitting is possible.

Resources from the Nicotine Prevention Alliance of Central Wisconsin:

For adults – Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line 1-800-QUIT NOW

For youth –

Text VAPEFREE to 873373

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