The CDC publishes a “Comprehensive Language” guide to promote “health inequalities”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published a “Comprehensive Language” guide to promote “Health Fairness” and “Comprehensive Communication”.

“The language of the communication product needs to reflect and speak the needs of the focused audience,” reads the CDC Guide.

This guide is more comprehensive, including a section dedicated to “correction and detention” that proposes to replace terms such as “prisoner”, “prisoner”, “convicted / former prisoner”, and “criminal” with terms. There are multiple sections containing suggestions for traditional languages ​​such as “People / Persons”, “Pretrial or Convicted Persons”, “Parole or Probation Persons”, “Immigration Facility Persons”, etc.

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Other sections of the guide include Disability, Drug / Drug Abuse, Access to Healthcare and Access to Services and Resources, Homelessness, Declining Socioeconomic Status, and Mental Health. Includes “behavioral health” and “non-US”. -Born / Immigrant Status, “Elderly”, “Increased / High Risk People”, “Race and Ethnicity”, “Regional”, “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, all of which are general A language commonly used to refer to groups that suggests alternative terms.

“These terms are ambiguous and mean that the condition is group-specific rather than the actual causal factor,” explains the guide. “Consider using terms and terms that focus on the system being deployed, explain why and how some groups are more affected than others, and words that describe the effects. (That is, terms such as impact and burden are ambiguous and need to be explained). “

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The guide also encourages us not to use the term “humanity-depriving language” and insists on using “human-first language” instead.

“We consider the context and the audience to determine if the language used can lead to negative assumptions, stereotypes, stigma, or criticism,” the guide said. “But these terms may be appropriate in some cases.”

The CDC publishes a “Comprehensive Language” guide to promote “health inequalities”

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