May 14, 2022 coronavirus update for Oakville

This is Oakville’s coronavirus update for Saturday, May 14, 2022, with COVID-19 news from the last week.

Active cases are going down both locally in Oakville and throughout Halton, and also across the province of Ontario. Cases are still rising across Canada, but at a significantly slower rate than in April, and epidemiologists are predicting national numbers will go down starting next week.

Hospitalization numbers are also declining at all three levels. Unfortunately, those dying, especially among the unvaccinated, are continuing to post high numbers, and several records were set just this past week.

10% of all Oakville deaths through the entire pandemic have happened since April 1, 2022, and while there was a noticeable drop in ICU and ventilator patients this week, cumulative deaths in Ontario have surpassed 13,000 people in total.

Most notably, the United States, 28 months into the pandemic, reports the country’s cumulative deaths have passed one million people – the highest death count in the world. Cumulative cases worldwide now exceed 520 million and deaths exceed 6.2 million.

COVID-19 and pandemic recovery will be a continued discussion topic as campaigning for the June 2 provincial election is ongoing. Provincially known active cases dropped nearly 20% this week.

More than 95% of vaccinations now happening in Halton are boosters. Unless there is a dramatic increase of new people getting vaccinated, neither Oakville or Halton will never reach the provincial target of 90% immunization across the eligible population. (Oakville is currently at 86% fully vaccinated for those eligible.)

Fully vaccinated travellers, regardless of citizenship, no longer need a negative COVID-19 test result to enter the country. While tests are no longer needed for fully vaccinated travellers (or those under age 4), proof of vaccination is still required for all air, train and cruise ship travel either arriving in or within the country’s borders.

**Vaccine booking: Fourth doses (second booster doses) of vaccine are now available for anyone in Halton age 60 and up and any indigenous peoples and those in their household age 18 and up.

Halton continues to book first and second-dose vaccinations for all residents age five and older, plus third-dose boosters for all adults age 18 and up.

First, second and third doses for those 12 and up are available on a walk-in basis throughout the Region. All vaccines approved for use in Canada effectively protect you against COVID-19 and all known variants of concern.

CLICK HERE to book a first, second, third or fourth vaccination appointment at a Halton Region vaccine clinic

Oakville and Halton COVID-19 update

Summary of Oakville vaccinations

  • 71% of all Oakville residents are fully vaccinated
  • 72% of all Oakville have received at least one dose

  • 11 patients at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital – minus 7

  • 16,225 total cases in Oakville (confirmed and probable) – plus 170
  • 104 deaths – plus 2
  • 1 active outbreaks – minus 3

Status in Halton

  • 72% of all Halton residents are fully vaccinated
  • 74% of all residents have received at least one dose

  • More than 1.32 million total vaccinations have been administered
  • 60% of the population has received three or more doses

Changes in figures are since the Oakville News update on May 7, 2022 or taken from provincial epidemiological reports.

  • 18 patients in hospitals across Halton – minus 13

  • 49,166 total cases (confirmed+probable) – plus 445
  • 365 deaths – plus 3
  • 8 active outbreaks – minus 3

Note: As of Feb. 12, 2022, Halton Region is no longer reporting the number of active cases, new recoveries, or people currently in the ICU. Halton Region does not release the names of businesses with active outbreaks.

Ontario COVID-19 update

Summary of provincial vaccinations 

  • 12.71 million people have received at least one vaccine dose (85.77% of total pop.)
  • At least 12.18 million people are fully vaccinated (82.16% of total pop.)

  • 8.14 million people have received a third dose (49.48% of total pop.)
  • 33.02 million vaccine doses administered (first, second and third)

Changes are from figures in our last update. The province released this information on May 14, 2022, as of the end of yesterday.

Note: Listed below are only the reported figures from the province and do not include all known active cases. Known active cases are no longer a reliable indicator of COVID-19’s spread, given restrictions to testing access. 

  • 20,457 active cases – minus 4,931
  • 1,453 people hospitalized – minus 209

  • Over 1.28 million confirmed cases
  • Over 1.25 million recovered cases
  • 13,052 deaths – plus 90
  • Over 1.26 million resolved cases (deaths & recovered) or 98.3%
  • 175 people in ICU – minus 29
  • 71 people on ventilators – minus 21
  • 416 active institutional outbreaks – minus 53

As of Dec. 31, 2021, Ontario stopped reporting new confirmation numbers on how many cases are testing as a variant of concern, including the Omicron variant.

Canadian and Global COVID-19 updates

Summary of national vaccinations in Canada

  • 34.78 million people have received at least one vaccine dose (85.68% of total pop.)
  • At least 31.34 million people are fully vaccinated (81.95% of total pop.)

  • 84.71 million total doses administered – plus 368,000
  • 18.58 million booster doses administered (48.58% of total pop.)

Changes in figures are since the Oakville News update on May 7, 2022. With the high number of cases nationwide and globally, all numbers are approximate (within 0.1% of the total.)

  • 277,132 active cases – plus 3,619
  • 6,755 active hospitalizations – plus 13

U.S. COVID-19 Update

  • 82.19 million cumulative cases
  • 1,000,518 deaths – plus 5,495
  • 66.4% of the total population is fully vaccinated
  • 82.5% of the eligible population has at least one dose
  • Ranked 18th in global deaths per capita at 303.37 per 100,000 people

World COVID-19 Update

  • 517.64 million cases to date – plus 3.69 million
  • 6.26 million people have died worldwide
  • At least 11.7 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide (source: Our World Data)
  • Only 15.9% of people in low-income countries have received at least one dose

The evidence is clear: vaccination is the best way to be protected. Local, provincial, national and international health units all affirm the same data that Canada’s approved vaccines effectively protect you from COVID-19 and significantly reduce your risks of getting sick, going to the hospital, and dying from the disease.

Pictured right is a graph from the Halton region showing how dramatically your risk of getting sick or being admitted to hospital is when vaccinated.


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