Mask Mania: Breaking down the new CDC guidelines

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The CDC’s announcement about not having to wear your mask outdoors when biking, walking or running, may have come for relief for many, but there are still some specific guidelines that come with it.

We have been told to wear a mask for majority of the pandemic, and although we think it could be time to ditch the mask, you want to still hold onto it — vaccinated or not.

When you are on the Las Vegas Strip, you are surrounded by people from all over, making it hard to not wear a mask, even with the CDC’s new outdoor guidelines.

The CDC says you can now go outside without your mask, unless you are with a big group of strangers.

A few tourists we spoke with say they are not letting their guard down even though they are vaccinated.

“Wearing our masks still all the time and probably still will in big crowds because there are so many that have not gotten vaccinated or will not,” said Pat Downing from Texas.

Others say they feel a little more relaxed.

“It will be a little less of what I have been doing and more of comfort because there has been this era of fear,” said Zechariah Williams of Texas. “Being vaccinated it feels like a layer of defense.”

The new outdoor mask rules do have some specific guidelines though.

The CDC says, vaccinated or not, you do not have to wear a mask outdoors if the people you are meeting up with are vaccinated.

If you are unvaccinated and you know you will be meeting up with other unvaccinated people outdoors, you will still need to keep your mask on.

President Biden says these new guidelines should be another encouraging factor to get vaccinated.

As for here in Nevada, our mask mandate is still in place and the governor’s office says they will announce any changes.

Though these new mask guidelines are for being outdoors, the CDC is still encouraging everyone to continue wearing their masks when inside public places.

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