ISKP claim responsibility for blast – as it happened | World news

US flags being flown at half-staff at Capitol

US service member death toll rises to 13

The Australian government has confirmed the last Australian defence force personnel left Kabul before the suicide bombings occurred.

Australia’s defence minister, Peter Dutton, described the attacks as “horrible, horrible day” in an interview with local media and said he grieved at the loss of life. He also paid tribute to the US personnel who had died, saying American personnel had helped thousands of Australian citizens, permanent residents and visa holders to get into the airport over the course of the past week.

We put out advice at 6:15 yesterday morning and had sent text messages, emails to Australians and those people we knew in the vicinity to say vacate because there was clear intelligence that IS-KP intended to strike and strike hard. They’ve done that.

These people are more extreme than the Taliban and are basically at war with the Taliban. It is a horribly complex situation. I’m very pleased and relieved our soldiers have departed from Kabul and we took the decision to lift the last of our people yesterday and they are safely in the United Arab Emirates and I’m very pleased for that.”

Asked what now for any Australians still in Afghanistan, Dutton appeared to individual the evacuation operations were now finished: “I think we should recognise we’ve lifted over 4,000 people over the course of the last week.”

He added:

If we were to continue in that situation, we would have had casualties now as well. In that situation, we can’t continue to put our ADF personnel and their lives at risk and that’s the situation, the reality of what’s on the ground at the moment, which hasn’t made it possible for us to lift more people out.”

What we know so far – IS claims responsibility for attack

Deadliest day for US troops in more than a decade

Biden: we will find IS members behind attacks ‘without large military operations’






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