From local news to USA Today, mainstream media drags Kenai mayor for Ivermectin remark, but NIH scientific papers say it’s a ‘wonder drug’ with expanding uses

The mainstream media has spoken, and has declared Kenai Borough Mayor’s comments about the drug Ivermectin to be outrageous, and further declared that the drug has been debunked as a treatment for Covid-19.

The media inferred that Mayor Charlie Pierce was encouraging people to use the tried-and-true parasite medication Ivermectin, when what he said was to talk to your doctor. In an interview with Must Read Alaska in early August, he called for medical freedom, and for doctors to be able to use medicines they feel are effective against Covid-19. He also advised people to at least do their research.

Must Read Alaska did do some of their own research. research.

The federal National Institutes of Health, in a published article about Ivermectin in an article years before Covid-19 was the disease in question, called the drug a “wonder drug” for treating parasites in humans.

“Discovered in the late-1970s, the pioneering drug ivermectin, a dihydro derivative of avermectin–originating solely from a single microorganism isolated at the Kitasato Institute, Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil–has had an immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world. Originally introduced as a veterinary drug, it kills a wide range of internal and external parasites in commercial livestock and companion animals. It was quickly discovered to be ideal in combating two of the world’s most devastating and disfiguring diseases which have plagued the world’s poor throughout the tropics for centuries. It is now being used free-of-charge as the sole tool in campaigns to eliminate both diseases globally. It has also been used to successfully overcome several other human diseases and new uses for it are continually being found. This paper looks in depth at the events surrounding ivermectin’s passage from being a huge success in Animal Health into its widespread use in humans, a development which has led many to describe it as a “wonder” drug,” NIH wrote in 2011.

In 2008, when Ivermectin was just 25 years old, the NIH published a paper that posited how beneficial the drug has been, and how human uses are expanding.

“Ivermectin is a drug that many people will never have heard of. Yet thousands of villagers of all ages in communities scattered throughout the remotest parts of Africa and Latin America know its name, and some experts regard it as one of the greatest health interventions of the past 50 years. Ivermectin was brought to the commercial market place for multi-purpose use in animal health in 1981. Six years later it was registered for human use. This remarkable compound has improved the lives and productivity of billions of humans, livestock and pets around the globe, and promises to help consign to the history books two devastating and disfiguring diseases that have plagued people throughout the tropics for generations–while new uses for it are continually being found,” NIH wrote.

But in the Associated Press story that ran in USA Today, the mainstream media says Pierce “has promoted a debunked treatment for COVID-19 that is intended more for farm animals.”

That doesn’t sound like a good idea to the general public.

“Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Charlie Pierce has publicly backed the use of ivermectin, an anti-parasitic deworming drug, the Peninsula Clarion reported Wednesday,” the Associated Press reported.

The story went on to say that livestock supply stores in the borough have received numerous inquiries about the drug in the recent weeks.

“Pierce has twice defended use of the drug, first at last week’s borough meeting and on Monday during a radio show on KSRM,” the mainstream media reported.

“What I’m asking for is that the … world view of the various treatments that are being researched and looked at outside of and including vaccinations be looked at from a more open perspective,” Pierce said during the show. “Let the doctors experiment with perhaps some things that haven’t been signed off by the Food and Drug Administration.”

In an interview on Sunday, Pierce explained the world needs more than vaccines — it needs treatments because it’s clear that the Covid-19 virus is not going away.

“I don’t think the vaccines are 100 percent. There are some who can’t have the vaccine and some who won’t have it, and so I think we need treatments,” he said.

He also said that big pharmaceutical companies are making so much money off of vaccines that they appear to have no interest in treatments.

“Doctors are turning people way until they have ‘blue lip syndrome,’ (indicating cyanosis, or low blood oxygen), telling them to come back. I quoted the site, where you can seek a doctor for treatment. There is a group of doctors using Ivermectin, hydroxychoroquine, and Z-Paks (an antibiotic)” he said. There are other preventative and nutraceuticals like Zinc, Vitamin C, D, and Quercetin.”

Pierce takes exception to how he was characterized, but says he is not surprised. “No, I’ve never referenced any animal treatments, it was misleading and took my comments out of context, but that’s what they do. They try to deflect and try to take you away from focusing on what might work, and apply a bit of fear that you could hurt yourself. Again, I’ve never ever encouraged anybody to go on your own” with the medication, he said.

The NIH statement earlier this year said the jury is out on Ivermectin: “As such, the Panel has determined that there are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.

“Since the last revision of the Ivermectin section of the Guidelines, results from several randomized clinical trials and retrospective cohort studies of ivermectin use in patients with COVID-19 have been published in peer-reviewed journals or made available as non-peer-reviewed manuscripts. Updates to the Ivermectin section that are underway will include discussion of these studies. Because many of these studies had significant methodological limitations and incomplete information, the Panel cannot draw definitive conclusions about the clinical efficacy of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19,” NIH said.

“results from adequately powered, well-designed, and well-conducted clinical trials are needed to provide further guidance on the role of ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19.” 

National Institutes of health

“Perhaps with this change, patients won’t need a court order to get a lifesaving drug,” stated American Association of Physicians and Surgeons executive director Jane Orient, M.D.

She described a patient in Buffalo, N.Y. who was dying on a ventilator, and was reported to have been greatly improved once she started Ivermectin, at the advice of her family and emergency doctors. “But doctors refused to allow further doses when her condition declined. State Supreme Court Judge Henry A. Nowak ordered the drug to be re-started, and the patient again improved,” Dr. Orient said.

Mayor Pierce is not backing down.

“Japan is using it. Africa is using it. India is using it, and it appears to be preventing hundreds of thousands of cases from becoming cases,” Pierce said. “Here’s the bottom line, I don’t care about the pharmaceutical companies’ stock prices. I care about the people. I have friends who died just last week, and I wish we could have gotten to them sooner.”

Read NIH study here.

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