Florida officials blame CDC for failed coronavirus data

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How did the CDC ruin Florida’s COVID number?State Deputy Health Minister replies
Dr. Shamalial Robertson, Deputy Health Minister of Florida, responded to inaccurate CDC data on coronavirus infections in the state when he appeared at Fox News Prime Time Wednesday night.

Last Sunday, the CDC recorded 28,317 new cases of COVID-19, showing about 15,000, until the Florida Department of Health noticed that it was nearly double the actual number of records. The CDC reportedly combined several days’ worth of numbers into one, then met with the department along the way and agreed to revise the number to 19,000.

Roberson told Fox News that getting the data right is very important.

“It’s very important that the data is accurate,” she said. “Florida people-they deserve it. We have provided accurate data since the beginning of the pandemic.”

Roberson explained that the Ministry of Health operates on an integrated public health system and its staff are responsible for sharing daily case information with the CDC. She said the department had spoken to the CDC to roll back the mistake after recognizing that Sunday’s information was clearly wrong. Click here for more information on top stories..

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Virginia Board of Education Approves Controversial Transgender Policy
The Northern Virginia Board of Education voted Wednesday night to approve a new policy to expand the rights of transgender students.

Among what was considered a victory for LGBTQ supporters, the Loudoun County Board of Education approved the policy with a 7-2 vote after hours of debate and after minor amendments.

“LCPS’s top priority is to promote the success of all students and ensure that they are safe, secure, accepted and ready to study at school,” Loudon County Public School said in a statement. I am. “The school department will continue to do due diligence to create that environment and remain open and transparent to all LCPS partners, community members and stakeholders.”

Policy 8040 requires teachers to use the preferred pronouns and allows “gender expansion and transgender students” to participate in sports and other activities “in a manner consistent with the student’s gender identity.” I am.

On Wednesday, Board of Education member Jeff Morse blamed the guidelines, according to FOX5 in Washington, DC.

“We don’t need this policy. It doesn’t solve the problem we’re trying to solve. It keeps our focus away from education and I don’t support it,” Morse said. Click here for more information..

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-Parents arrested by Virginia Board of Education praise teacher’s “courageous” resignation for CRT
-Loudoun County residents will hold their own school board after the district changes its speech rules
-Virginia’s school board is looking at controversial and emotional meetings as it considers gender-related policies

State police officers aren’t getting enough support, says a former Chicago police officer
The Chicago Police Department’s corrupt police officer Ella French was reportedly sent off in a hurry by a second officer in the ministry, former Chicago Police Department police officer Garry McCarthy said Wednesday, a police officer from a government leader. It responded that it reflected a lack of national support for the police.

“I feel that CPD here, and perhaps officers across the country … are under attack from politicians and the general public,” McCarthy told Fox News on Wednesday. “Most of them feel they aren’t supported by their leadership.”

“We’re not waiting for the bagpipes,” says “because this doesn’t have 20 minutes —“, Chicago’s first deputy police station. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Eric Carter told an officer who was seeing off Saturday night for the French.

Chicago Mayor Lori Wrightfoot reportedly supported Carter’s decision after first claiming the press was false at a press conference. The mayor explained that there were no honorary guards during the ceremony and planned a group of well-meaning people to take over the procession.

McCarthy told the story, “I don’t know if Carter’s orders are needed.” He also further discouraged the officers, noting that the director called French by the wrong name. Click here for more information..

Other developments:
-Chicago City Councilor says CPD has lost 1,000 police officers in just a few years, the city “doesn’t support them.”
-Chicago police officer Ella French has arrested her brother’s mother, who was charged with a deadly shooting, police say.
-Democratic leaders call the incinerator of the police station a “revolutionary moment”, an “act of pure justice”
-AOC supports a group celebrating convicted police murderers – and it gets worse from there

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Some farewell words

Sean Hanity Teared the Biden administration due to its coronavirus and immigration policy during Wednesday night’s edition “Hannity”

“We have a mask mandate, a vaccine man date, a vaccine passport, a social distance-for us, you, the Americans at the request of the Biden administration, and their explicit supervisors of the CDC and NIH, the CDC. New rules are appearing everywhere in Hannity, “yes, you can still get a COVID if you’re fully vaccinated,” Hannity said.

“But for some reason, their concerns, their mission, magically disappear completely, completely when it comes to the southern border.”

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