EVSC Adjusts Mask Policy to Align with CDC New Guidance

On Tuesday, Parents in the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation received an email saying that Masks are now required in the classrooms. They say, this change goes hand in hand with the CDC’s new contact tracing guidance.

But with families still adjusting to the new year, and changes, some parents are just frustrated. “We shouldn’t force teachers who are already having a struggling year, trying to adjust to all of this to be mandating things like this with children. It’s Unfair. We need to start targeting the ones who have a background in this,” says Danielle Lowe, Parent.

The CDC’s new guidance eliminates the need to quarantine, if all students in the classroom are wearing mask and spaced 3 feet apart. Officials say, the adjustment will greatly reduce the number of students missing out on In-person Instruction and Extra Curricular Activities. Students will also get routine mask breaks.

Here’s the full email :

Following the updated guidance from the CDC and Indiana Department of Health, we have made the decision to adjust masking requirements in all EVSC schools. Masks will now be worn in classrooms, with routine mask breaks provided. By making this adjustment we will greatly reduce the number of individuals potentially identified as close contacts, thus reducing the number of students missing out on valuable classroom instruction and extracurricular activities. This change clearly aligns with the new CDC contact tracing guidance that eliminates the need for quarantining when all individuals in a classroom are wearing masks and the room is set up with a minimum of three feet for social distancing. Anyone identified as a close contact in the future may return to school on day 8 with a negative PCR Covid test result as long as the test was administered on day 5, 6, or 7 following exposure. We will continue to closely monitor local Covid conditions and will make adjustments as necessary as we balance health and safety with the educational needs of all EVSC student

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