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No-fault compensation scheme confirmed for COVID-19 vaccines

A no-fault compensation scheme covering anyone who suffers serious adverse effects from a COVID-19 vaccine will be up and running early next month.

The federal government scheme will cover the costs of injuries and loss of work over $5,000, where there is a proven adverse effect from a vaccine.

It will apply to any TGA-approved COVID-19 vaccine, administered anywhere in Australia, and aims to allow anyone who suffers an adverse effect a path to compensation outside the courts.

The scheme was first announced on July 2 but details have only today been confirmed, and it will be up and running from September 6.

Doctor’s groups had been calling for the creation of such a scheme for some time, and the Australian Medical Association says it will both create more confidence in the vaccines, and keep healthcare workers free from possible legal action.

But the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has previously argued the scheme should be extended to cover not just COVID-19 vaccines, but all vaccines on the national immunisation schedule.

Reporting by Tom Lowrey

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