COVID updates: Health Minister Greg Hunt outlines plans for children’s jabs — as it happened

Doctors push for more vaccines in Melbourne’s west

(Credit: Scott Jewell)

Doctors are urging governments to increase the distribution of vaccines to GP clinics, particularly in hotspot areas of Melbourne’s west.

Nader Abou-Seif, who runs a practice in Hoppers Crossing, said ease of access within the community was important, especially after a large number of cases last year.

“A lot of our patients are more comfortable coming to a clinic because they are used to seeing us, they have a an ongoing relationship which we can explain and clarify any issues that they’ve got,” Dr Abu-Seif said.

“I think with some people, there is concern about gathering in groups and they will include hubs even though there is a proper system in place to allow a degree of separation and to ensure that the likelihood of transmission of a virus is minimized.”

Dr Abou-Seif said with thousands of GPs across the country it was the obvious place for the vaccine to be administered and urged governments to roll out more vaccine to clinics.

His clinic started administering AstraZeneca in June, but won’t receive Pfizer until next month.

“Travel is an issue, waiting at a place is an issue, and I think it’s also that comfort of knowing something knowing the person that’s giving it to you, and having your questions answered,” he said.

General practices are the responsibility of the federal government, and Mr Foley said doctors should contact the Prime Minister if they wanted changes made to supply.

Reporting by state political reporter Richard Willingham

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