CDC says rate of vaccinations decreasing in US

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The CDC says the rate of vaccinations is slowing down, even though hospitalizations and infections are ticking up in parts of the country.

Video Transcript

This morning, a major milestone in the race to vaccinate Americans.

JOE BIDEN: We did it. Today we hit 200 million shots in the 92nd day in office.

The White House announcing 200 million doses of COVID vaccines have been administered, double President Biden’s initial goal of 100 million shots in his first 100 days in office. But health officials are now expressing real concern the rate of vaccinations has leveled off. Dr. Anthony Fauci telling CNN–

ANTHONY FAUCI: I mean, obviously there is an element of vaccine hesitancy or concern that we need to address.

The CDC showing there’s been a downtick in demand for vaccines even before the Johnson & Johnson dose was paused. In Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds says vaccine skepticism is becoming a real problem.

If you’re opting to wait and see, what are you waiting for? If you’ve been a hard no from the start, what’s your reason? And if you can’t answer those questions, maybe we hope that you take the time to reconsider.

At the same time, parts of the country like Galveston, Texas now heading towards a tipping point where vaccine supply outweighs demand.

What we’ve told the state is this week, please don’t send us anymore.

And what was once the scene of long lines at a bustling vaccination site in Miami-Dade county Florida is now a virtual ghost town, even though health officials in South Florida say not enough residents have their shots to achieve herd immunity.

We’re seeing less demand.

And those vaccination numbers have been steadily falling for about the last nine days or so. The US was averaging some 3.35 million shots a day. But now that average is hovering just over 3 million. The White House not sure what’s behind the decline, but are ramping up efforts to make it easier to get a vaccine.

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