CDC owes us more transparency

I have been a local lung doctor for 45 years. I worked with Dr. Anthony Fauci in 1982 while doing clinical research on AIDS.

I highly recommend the Covid vaccine for adults, wait for CDC approval, and probably recommend it for children.

However, I am worried that it may be very difficult to identify data on immunity after Covid infection. I wrote on the websites of CDC and HHS doctors, but after 3 weeks there was no response.

Data from a large Israeli study a few months ago report the presence of immunity and antibodies after recovery from infection. In September, Dr. Fauci announced in a national television interview that he had to “wait and see” before accepting the study as valid and credible.

The general public should seek a quick and complete explanation of Covid and immunity from their representatives or the CDC, especially as so many essential workers can lose their jobs to postpone the vaccine. I recommend it. In connection with Covid immunology research, we have the right to better transparency.

Dr. D. Victor Sesso, Sr.

CDC owes us more transparency

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