CDC data shows Americans skipping their second shot

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CHICO, Calif. – The CDC reports that close to half of the U.S. has gotten at least one vaccine shot, yet about 8% of Americans have missed their second vaccine dose, up from 3.4% in March.

Kerri Schutte from Shasta County Public Health told Action News Now that some people might be forgetting their second appointment, or feel they have enough protection from the first.

Shasta County has had 70% of people receive both doses, and 23% are over a week past due.

She said some people might fear the reaction they could get from getting the second dose.

“The first dose will provide you with some protection, and it’s better than no vaccine at all, but in order to really get that full protection, it’s better to get that second dose,” said Schutte.

She advises that if you do not feel well after the first shot, it is just your immune system working.

Schutte recommends getting your second shot on a day where you can recuperate and rest the next day.

People in Butte County told Action News Now that they are surprised to hear that some people are skipping out on their second shot.

Bryan Ashmore, who lives in Chico, said he lost both of his parents to COVID-19 last year.

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He shared just how important it was for him to get vaccinated.

“I sat in the hospital with my mother as she died and something in my body seemed to break,” said Ashmore.

Since getting vaccinated three days ago, he said he is finally experiencing some physical and mental healing.

“There is something physically pleasing about getting the second dose and knowing that it’s only a matter of time until this disease is manageable in public,” said Ashmore. “And also something psychologically that brings relief.”

The only thing people are hoping is contagious after the vaccine is a relief.

“I mean I wouldn’t understand why you would get the first one if you didn’t plan to get the second,” said Michael Riser, who lives in Oroville. “Obviously you want to complete it to get as much immunity as possible.”

Those that have been vaccinated said they understand people may be hesitant, but want more people to get fully vaccinated.

“I think they’re just afraid of getting sick after the second shot because that’s what you hear is happening,” said Tzeitel Wendel, who lives in Chico.

Wendel got both shots and said the reactions she experienced were worth it because she can now step outside with more confidence.

“I would say that me and my friends have a sense of relief,” said Wendel.

The CDC also adds that another reason the data may be showing that people are not getting their second shot is because they are going to a different clinic, making it look like they missed it.

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