August 28, 2021 coronavirus update for Oakville

This is the Saturday, August 28, 2021 coronavirus update. It’s been a busy week with developments about vaccine passports, rising active cases, new approvals for the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and the continued rise of the Delta variant. Here are the top five stories:

#1 – Vaccine passports, allowing access to non-essential services, are very likely coming to Ontario. A cabinet meeting is scheduled this coming Tuesday for Premier Ford to discuss the matter, and municipal officers of health around Ontario are saying they will create a system if the provincial government doesn’t.

(In Halton, meanwhile, our Regional Medical Officer of Health instead is recommending local employers institute their own vaccination policies.)

#2 – While cases have started to go down in Halton Region, Ontario’s active cases are doubling at a concerning pace: every 15-16 days since mid-July, the number of active cases has doubled. This pattern was affirmed today for the third time since Step 3 began in the province, with the seven-day case average having quadrupled this month.

#3 – The Delta variant is running wild across Canada: more than 2,000 cases of the variant were reported in Ontario over just the last seven days, and it also led to more than 1,000 new cases today in Alberta.

#4 – The FDA gave its full approval of the Pfizer vaccine early this week, an encouraging step that the vaccine is completely safe. With the news, the number of daily vaccinations in the United States has gone up, but the country is also reporting its highest numbers of new daily cases, hospitalizations and deaths since February.

#5 The world hit a huge milestone: more than 5 billion doses of vaccine have been administered worldwide, including 25 million Canadians now fully vaccinated. The next, immediate step is to increase doses being administered outside first-world countries.

Finally, the Moderna vaccine was approved for children age 12-17 across Canada on Thursday this week.

**Vaccine booking update: Halton is now booking first AND second dose vaccinations for all residents age 12 and older. Halton is also now offering same-day, walk-in appointments at multiple locations.

All vaccines approved for use in Canada effectively protect you against COVID-19 and all known variants of concern, including the Delta variant.

**CLICK HERE to book or re-book a first or second vaccination appointment at a Halton Region vaccine clinic**

Note: Oakville figures, including Halton vaccine updates, are again being published seven days a week. Effective August 9, 2021, Oakville News shares Halton’s new data from Monday to Friday and Ontario, Canada, and global updates daily.

Oakville and Halton COVID-19 update

  • All four of Friday’s recovered active cases in Halton are from Oakville
  • Total hospitalizations in Oakville and Halton doubled from Thursday to Friday
  • Halton reports lower active cases for the third day in a row

Summary of local vaccinations

  • 78% of eligible Halton residents are fully vaccinated
  • 84% have received at least one dose
  • 835,007 vaccine doses have been administered – plus 1,487

  • 33 active cases – minus 4
  • 4 patients at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital – plus 2

  • 5,835 total cases (confirmed and probable) – plus 6
  • 67 deaths – no change
  • 5,735 recoveries – plus 10
  • 5,802 completed (recoveries+deaths) cases – 99.3% of cases
  • 1 active outbreak – no change

Status in Halton

  • 127 active cases – minus 4
  • 11 cases in hospitals across Halton – plus 5

  • 18,658 total cases (confirmed+probable) – plus 18
  • 237 deaths – no change
  • 18,294 recoveries – plus 22
  • 18,531 completed (recoveries+deaths) cases – 99.3% of cases 
  • 5 active outbreaks – no change

Note: Halton Region combines its recovery count into one number with probable, now closed cases. This total includes some cases that were not coronavirus recoveries. Halton Region does not publish the names of workplaces with active outbreaks.

Ontario COVID-19 update

  • Ontario reports more than 800 new cases today; setting a record for the most infectious day of the entire summer for the third time this week
  • 83.40% of all eligible Ontarians (age 12 and older) have received one or more doses of vaccine

Summary of provincial vaccinations

  • 10.78 million people have received at least one vaccine dose (72.93% of total pop.)
  • At least 9.89 million people are fully vaccinated (66.87%)
  • 20.67 million vaccine doses administered – plus 36,200

Changes are from figures in our last update. The province released this information on August 28, 2021, as of the end of yesterday.

  • 5,697 active cases – plus 257
  • 343 people hospitalized – plus 37

  • 563,591 confirmed cases – plus 835
  • 548,398 recovered cases – plus 575
  • 9,496 deaths – plus 7
  • 557,894 resolved cases (deaths & recovered) or 98.9%
  • 28,528 tests conducted with a positive rate of 2.6% 
  • 162 people in ICU – plus 4
  • 87 people on ventilators – no change
  • 15 active, ongoing institutional outbreaks – plus 3

Note: There were discrepancies with ICU and hospitalization numbers in Ontario for almost two months; some days, the number of people in the hospital was less than those in the ICU, which is impossible.

During that time, Oakville News was only reporting ICU and ventilator patients still testing positive for COVID-19. Earlier this week, Ontario corrected these numbers, and so we now are again reporting all ICU cases.

Summary of variants of concern (VOC)

  • 146,231 confirmed cases of the Alpha variant – plus 126
  • 1,500 confirmed cases of Beta variant – no change
  • 5,222 confirmed cases of Gamma variant – no change
  • 8,994 confirmed cases of Delta variant – plus 262

Canadian and Global COVID-19 updates

Summary of national vaccinations

  • 27.81 million people have received at least one vaccine dose (72.94% of total pop.)
  • At least 25.20 million people are fully vaccinated (66.08%)
  • 53.01 million vaccine doses administered – plus 117,000

Changes in figures are since the Oakville News update on August 27, 2021. With the high number of cases nationwide and globally, all numbers are approximate (within 0.1% of the total.)

  • 28,171 active cases – plus 1,021
  • 1,129 active hospitalizations – plus 68

  • 1.48 million confirmed and suspected cases to date
  • 1.43 million recoveries – plus 2,665
  • 26,897 deaths – plus 16
  • Ranked 73rd in global deaths per capita at 71.64 per 100,000 people

US COVID-19 Update

  • 38.52 million cumulative cases
  • 632,786 deaths
  • 61.3% of people have one dose (71.7% of those age 12+ who are eligible)
  • 52.0% are fully vaccinated (60.8% of those eligible)
  • Ranked 24th in global deaths per capita at 193.02 per 100,000 people

World COVID-19 Update

  • 214.46 million cases
  • 4.47 million people have died worldwide
  • At least 5.18 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide (source: Our World Data)


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