World Health announces that 4 drugs are ineffective in treating Corona

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Today, Friday, October 16, the World Health Organization announced the names of 4 drugs that it said were not suitable for treating “Covid-19” in hospitals, in terms of their effectiveness in reducing the number of deaths.

The list of drugs, according to the specialized international organization, included “remdesivir”, “hydroxychloroquine”, “lopinavir ritonavir”, and “interferon”.

It is noteworthy that the interim results from the clinical study revealed that the four mentioned medicines seem to have little or no effect on the mortality reduction index, after 28 days or during the treatment process of “Covid-19” in the hospital.

As part of the Solidarity study, which covers more than 30 countries, experts monitored the effect of treatment with these drugs on mortality and length of hospital stay.

It is worth noting that the American pharmaceutical company “Gilead Sciences” had confirmed that the use of the “remdesivir” drug that it developed to treat patients with Coronavirus infection reduces the recovery period to four days.

The United States, Japan, South Korea, India, Israel, Britain and Russia agreed to use the drug “Remdisfer” in treating people with Coronavirus infection, which is a drug originally developed as part of a test to treat hepatitis C and respiratory syncytial virus, and it was also tested to treat Ebola, except that Its effectiveness has not been proven, according to the organization.

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