the use of mixed methods research

Greeting by Chair: Theadora Swift Koller, Senior Technical Advisor, Health Equity, Director General’s Office, WHO/HQ


  • Addressing access barriers faced by rural communities in the Americas through participatory mixed methods analysis – Natalia Houghton and Ernesto Bascolo, PAHO;
  • Demystifying the barriers to health services in rural areas using mixed methods research– Sneha P Kotian, WONCA, Rural Seeds Ambassador South Asia;
  • Qualitative research, the Index of Deep Disadvantage, and rural health and wellbeing in the USA – Luke Shaefer, Director of Poverty Solutions, University of Michigan;
  • Bottlenecks and opportunities to have data on rural health better used in policymaking and programming – Ana Lorena Ruano, Researcher, Center for International Health, University of Bergen.

Closing remarks: Bruce Chater, Chair, WONCA Working Party on Rural Practice 


Wednesday 19 January 2022, 14h00-15h30 CET

Meeting ID: 951 2705 4357

Password: Rur#L-22



* This Webinar is part of a WHO series on “tackling rural health inequities”, convened under the umbrella of World Health Day 2021 on “Health Equity”. It is organized by the WHO/HQ Gender, Equity and Human Rights Team, with external partners including WONCA’s Working Party on Rural Practice, OECD, and other agencies in the UN Inequalities Task Team (ITT) subgroup on rural poverty. The series runs from July 2021 to March 2022 

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