Keep It Out!

Covid-19 travels on shoes! Read Center of Disease Control (CDC) Report.

Disinfectant Door Mats will keep Covid 19 out of your home and business! Place these mats at the door and load it with disinfectant.  Anyone entering or leaving the area will not the spread the germs with their shoes! Whew!

Upgrade your bio-security procedure and keep Covid19 from infecting your loved ones. Great for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels and of course your home.

Disinfectant Door Mats will kill all bacteria and viruses on your shoes while leaving and entering a specific area. Concerned about exposure to people with Coronavirus Covid-19. This is a great way to contain exposure and risk.

  • Hospital Rooms & Areas
  • Nursing Home Facilities
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Your Home
  • Your Business or Facility
Disinfect Shoes Before Entering!

Fight Back! Get the Latest in Products and Services to Keep Coronavirus Covid-19 Out Of Your Life!