Joe Biden health: Kamala Harris takes over as President has colonoscopy under anesthetic | World | News

Mr Biden travelled to the Walter Reed Medical Center on Friday for his annual checkup which will include a colonoscopy. Just one day shy of his 79th birthday, Ms Harris will take over power in his absence, the White House revealed. White Press Secretary, Jen Psaki said in a statement: “Later this morning, the President will travel to Walter Reed Medical Center for his routine annual physical.

“We will provide more details after he arrives at Walter Reed.”

The White House confirmed Ms Harris will conduct her duties from the West Wing during this time.

The Walter Reed Center is the traditional hospital for Presidents. 

Donald Trump was also treated there when had Covid. 

The White House confirmed it will publish the report on Mr Biden’s health on Friday. 

He left the White House at around 8.30am and arrived at the centre at 8.51am. 

Ms Harris became the first woman to hold the position today. 

She is also the first woman to be vice-President. 

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The move comes amid accusations of human rights abuses in the Xinjiang region.

The Chinese government has been accused of oppressing Uighurs Muslims in the region – something it has denied. 

Mr Biden also held talks with Mexico President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the matter. 

The President is facing pressure from both parties to boycott the games next year.

Ms Psaki added: “There are areas that we do have concerns: human rights abuses.

“We have serious concerns.

“Certainly there are a range of factors as we look at what our presence would be.

“I want to leave the president the space to make decisions.”


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