GNU Jami Taranis Released For Free Software Conferencing, Peer-To-Peer Communication

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GNU Jami “Taranis” has been released as a major update to this free software project for peer-to-peer communication and SIP-based messaging. GNU Jami is what previously started out as SFLphone and then GNU Ring for initially being focused on softphones.

Taranis is the name of the new GNU Jami release, which they describe as a major update. Jami sums itself up as “a GNU package for universal communication that respects the freedom and privacy of its users. Jami is an end-to-end encrypted secure and distributed voice, video, and chat communication platform that requires no central server, and leaves the power of privacy and freedom in the hands of users.

With this new GNU Jami release they have added Microsoft Windows 11 support, begun with their “Swarms” effort for synchronized 1-to-1 conversations while still being fully distributed and peer-to-peer, there is a new Android call interface and better mobile support, and improvements to its conferences and rendezvous points.

GNU Jami

GNU Jami continues to provide file sharing, audio/video calls, screen sharing support, recording/sending of audio/video content, SIP phone support, and now initial one-to-one conversations support and other growing capabilities for privacy-minded, distributed communications.

More details on the GNU Jami Taranis update via the GNU mailing list and the project site at For easy use, besides the sources there are binaries available for various platforms including Windows / iOS / macOS / Android / Linux.

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