FAQ: S$100 worth of CDC vouchers for each Singaporean household. Here’s what you need to know

Q: What if I don’t know how to claim the vouchers?

Assistance will be available at community centres/clubs. Seniors without household members to help them claim their vouchers will be given priority.

Residents without smartphones or who need to set up their Singpass or reset their Singpass password can get help at the community centres/clubs during the scheme duration. 

Where needed, there will also be the option of printing hardcopy vouchers. 

In addition, assistance will be available at selected Residents’ Committee or Residents’ Network Centres located in areas with a higher concentration of elderly population, to guide residents on how to claim the CDC vouchers. 

There will also be digital ambassadors at the SG Digital community hubs, which are found in selected community centres/clubs and public libraries island-wide. They will provide assistance to digitally less savvy residents who need help to claim their digital vouchers.

Silver Generation Office Ambassadors will also assist with queries or requests for assistance during their house visits to seniors.

Q: How do I use the vouchers?

To use them, you will need to click on the CDC vouchers link, select the amount to be used and show the QR code to the participating merchant, who will in turn scan it using his or her RedeemSG App.

The vouchers are not refundable for any unused amount or value, if the purchase is less than the amount of vouchers used.

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