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Covid +ve woman suffers memory loss, brain fogMalathy.Iyer

Mumbai: When 47-year-old Palghar resident Shaista Pathan complained of an ache in her abdomen and head, doctors had no way of knowing that she had a rare manifestation of Covid-19 involving the brain.

Covid’s neurological complications, which include stroke, are now getting attention. In the US, news reports said patients complained of forgetfulness or brain fog post-Covid.

Two months after Pathan was rushed to Wockhardt Hospital at Mumbai’s Mira Road in the middle of the night in an agitated and aggressive state, she still has moments of “difficulties”. “My sons tell me not to think hard as I get a headache and a bit of confusion,” she said.

Neurologist Dr Pavan Pai who treated her said Pathan still shows signs of brain fog. “She cannot remember eight days of the infection, but is otherwise healthy.”

On August 14, Pathan was rushed to hospital within 24 hours of the appearance of abdominal pain and headache. It was another 48 hours before a diagnosis was possible: Viral encephalitis due to Covid — an inflammation of the brain due to a virus that could even cause permanent brain damage.

“When she arrived, even five nurses couldn’t calm her down or draw blood,” said neurologist Pavan Pai who treated her. She was delirious, drifting in and out of consciousness and agitated. As her husband had tested Covid-positive days back, an antigen test was done but it came negative. CT and MRI scans also did not reveal anything. “However, next morning, we noticed neck stiffness that suggested an infection in the central nervous system” said Dr Pai. On August 19, she was confirmed to have viral encephalitis, while a PCR test showed she was Covid-positive.

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