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HARTFORD (WFSB) – The CDC is warning that hospitals are seeing more young adults with severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Stats show the older you are, the likelier it is you got the vaccine.

The door just opened up for the younger population and now that this group is making up many of our cases, officials are hoping it’ll convince them to get the dose.

“Hospitals are seeing more and more younger adults, those in their 30s and 40s admitted with severe disease,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said. “Across the country, we’re hearing reports of clusters of cases associated with daycare centers and youth sports.”

This week, the state put out this chart showing hospitalizations have been on a downward slope since the beginning of the year, but recently, we’re seeing a very slight increase, and the age group is resembling the national trend.

“These tend to be a little younger people, probably a little less sick,” Governor Ned Lamont said.

With many in the older population already vaccinated, the cases are migrating to the unvaccinated population and when it comes in the form of the U.K, or B117 variant, which is now the most common in the nation, it packs a bigger punch.

“These variants become more transmissible because they have stickier spike proteins,” Doctor Karl Minges form the University of New Haven said. “We are seeing the rising of the trends totally in relationship to younger adults.”

The silver lining, at least in Connecticut, is the death rate. It’s dropped from 15 percent at the beginning of the year to 5 percent.

“It’s relatively healthier people, little less at risk, little less time in the hospital,” Lamont said.

While recoveries are now more common, in an effort to avoid any degree of sickness, doctors are urging the eligible population from 16 and up to get their dose

“There’s really good signs on the horizon, we just need to tough it out for a little bit longer so that way we can get ahead of these variants before they get out of control,” Minges said.

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