CDC Says ‘Badger Seal’ Mask Fitter Works

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MADISON, Wis. — The CDC said when it comes to the safest mask wearing standards — the Badger Seal mask fitter, created by a team of UW scientists and researchers, now cited as a game changer.

UW Madison experts over the summer began to question the escaping air leaking from your loose fitting PPE. After 20 tapeless non-stick prototypes and some tomato wire, they invented the Badger Seal.

“The Badger Seal really kind of fills that gap between cloth and disposable masks, you know in approaching the N-95 type filtration that people need,” UW Madison Grainger Engineering Design Innovation Lab Director Lennon Rodgers said.

Besides locking in leaking air, the mask fitter keeps your glasses from fogging up.  

“That’s another thing that the mask fitter helps with, the seal along the top allows the air to go out where it should, and it doesn’t go up into your glasses and create fog,” Rodgers explained.

So far, 10,000 of the $.50 inventions have been mass produced on campus. The open-source design is available for purchase.  

Learn more about the invention here.

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