CDC mask mandate applies to school buses

Summerfield Schools students wear masks as they board buses. A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mandate requires masks on public transportation, including school buses.

While mask-wearing in indoor spaces remains largely a recommendation from state and federal health agencies, one such mandate will continue to shape next school year. 

A order issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this year requires face coverings be worn on public conveyances — essentially any form of transportation not considered a private vehicle. 

That relates to planes, trains, ride-shares, taxis, boats and buses — including school buses operated by public, private and charter schools, according to the CDC. 

And while many districts in Monroe County have indicated masks are at each person’s discretion on campus and in classrooms, they’ve said the CDC’s order takes the decision out of their hands when it comes to their buses. 

“There is no flexibility for mandates,” Airport Community Schools Supt. John Krimmel said. “We do not have control over mandates. At this point in time, anyone riding public transportation, school buses included, must wear a mask.”

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