CDC experts to meet today to discuss booster shots. Here’s what you need to know

A panel of experts with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
will decide today to officially allow booster shots following
recommendations made Wednesday by the Food and Drug Administration.

Booster shots for Moderna and
Johnson & Johnson recipients could begin within days. But some who
recovered from COVID-19 want to know if their natural antibodies can take the
place of a vaccine when it comes to mandates in New Jersey.

The FDA recommended Wednesday allowing
people who received the Moderna shot to get a booster. Those eligible had to
receive their first two doses at least six months ago and fall into the categories
of adults 65 and older, or those at risk of severe infections of COVID-19 or
who are frequently exposed to the virus.

The FDA also recommended anyone 18
and older who received the Johnson & Johnson shot at least two months ago
can receive a booster. 

But what if you’ve recovered from
COVID-19 but are not vaccinated? News 12 asked State Medical Director of
Communicable Disease Dr. Ed Lifshitz if an antibody test could stand in for
proof of vaccination.

“At this time, we don’t know enough
about what a positive antibody test means as far as immunity either now or in
the future,” says Dr. Lifshitz. “We are following CDC guidance and learning more, and it is
possible [the] CDC may recommend a change in the future.”

The demand for already approved
boosters remains low, as just 20% of eligible Pfizer recipients have chosen to
get a booster shot. 

The CDC has the final say on
boosters, including who is eligible, dose size and if you can mix and match

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