Attacks on Health Care Monthly News Brief – September 2020 – World

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Burkina Faso

01 September 2020: In the Kabonga area, Kompienga province, Est region, a medical student at the National School of Public Health (ENSP) was kidnapped, by suspected JNIM or ISGS militants in the process of robbing road users. Source: ACLED1


14 September 2020: At Ntabandwa sub-hill, Rubungu hill, Rango commune, Kayanza province, a pharmacist was shot while his pharmacy was raided by Red Tabara rebels, who stole medicines and cash. The incident happened during a wider attack in which several civilians and local shops were also looted. It is unclear whether the pharmacist recovered from his wounds or died. Source: Radio Publique Africaine


09 September 2020: In Goudjimdele village, Mayo-Sava department, Far North region, Boko Haram attacked a private Catholic health centre, looting medical and food supplies. Source: Eons Intelligence 23 September 2020: In Makoulahe village, Mora subdivision, MayoSava department, Far North region, Boko Haram fighters looted a health centre. Source: Sembe TV

Central African Republic

09 September 2020: In Bangui, a Toyota Land-Cruiser belonging to the Dutch Red Cross was robbed in the early evening by three armed men wearing military uniforms who stopped the vehicle by pretending to be soldiers. The driver was unharmed. Source: Corbeau News

Democratic Republic of the Congo

11 September 2020: In Kisenso district, Kinshasa city, 14 men armed with blades raped at least two nurses and an unknown number of patients after breaking into Revolution Health and Maternity Centre. The group also stole money and blood stocks and robbed several patients. Source: Election-Net

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